How Much Makeup is Too Much?

Wearing makeup is so common for most women in America that we often don’t think enough about how much our lives revolve around it. But when you do sit down and take a close look, you will realize that if you do use makeup on a regular basis, odds are that you are wholeheartedly reliant on it.

For example, the first thing you may do in the morning after your essential hygiene routine is to start applying makeup. And you may be doing this routine every single day, regardless of if you are going out of the house at all. And some people even end up applying makeup multiple times a day for no reason at all except to “freshen up”. Unfortunately more women do this than you may realize, and you may not have even realized that YOU were one of these types of women until I spelled it out for you just now. If you are like this, then it is absolutely necessary for you to review just how much makeup you own, as there is a direct correlation between how much makeup one ones and how reliant they are on it.

While I won’t argue about getting a dedicated makeup table, I do certainly believe that owning one does not necessarily mean that you have to be filling every square inch of it with foundations and eyeliners and other products. The table itself is great for the actual application of makeup, but the storage space does not all need to be used up with makeup.

In reality, most women should rely on a very basic set of makeup products, the first one being a good foundation. Since your foundation is based on your specific skin color, do not go overboard with owning multiple different shades of foundation – not only are they completely unnecessary, but you are actually wasting money by falling into that trap that the makeup industry is guilty of setting up.

Next up are your eyeliners and lipsticks, all of which takes a backseat to your foundation in my opinion. However, while foundations are very singular in nature, there is nothing wrong with having multiple shades of eyeliners and multiple shades of lipsticks, as they each can be used in different occasions and social situations. However, I would say that owning more than 3 or 4 of each is the absolute limit as far as your makeup is concerned. Any more than that you are effectively just buying products that you rarely used, which is obviously not ideal.

Last up are all of your non-essential brushes and application tools. And while I did say “non-essential”, they certainly are required if you want to effectively put your makeup on each and every day. However, even more so than with the eyeliners and lipsticks, you really should not go overboard on these tools. Purchase and store only what you will be using on a regular basis, and nothing more.

Wearing too much makeup, and too often, can be a symptom of a lot of things, but one of the most common things is simply owning too much makeup products in the first place. If you can limit how much makeup you own, you can be less reliant on it overall and maintain a much healthier balance of inner and outer beauty.