Secrets to Applying Foundation

A problem that is almost a running joke of sorts amongst grown-ups is the young woman who applies way too much makeup. This is especially true of high school girls who are just learning about the power of makeup, and their overzealous approach to applying makeup often ends up making them look more like a clown rather than the beautiful young woman that they are trying to convey to the rest of the world.

But this outcome is not exclusive to young women inexperienced with the art of applying makeup. In fact, there are countless women across the country who still fall into this trap and end up applying makeup in a way that is not conducive to showing of the most beautiful side of themselves. And a lot of these problems stem from the application of foundation.

While most women understand that foundation is a base that is almost always the first step in any makeup routine, many do not realize the best ways to look at foundation and apply it effectively. For example, many people rely on foundation as a way to “cover up” flaws such as newly erupted pimples or other scars that would otherwise draw attention. However, I have seen so many people end up applying way too much foundation to ensure the flaw is effectively cover up. And the problem with that is that doing so actually can end up drawing attention to that area of the face, especially if the foundation does not match the person’s skin tone perfectly.

So the first step with any foundation is to find the perfect tone based on your skin. If you do not start out with the correct tone of foundation, then everything only becomes more complicated and problematic from there.

Once you have the correct color of foundation, it is very important to blend foundation and be very conservative with regards to how much you end up putting on your face. Contrary to what you might believe, men can easily tell when a woman’s face is full of way too much makeup, especially if they don’t normally wear makeup otherwise and this is a special occasion such as a date. In these scenarios, the more makeup you put on, the more off-putting and obvious it becomes to others around you.

Moderation is a great way to view the application of foundation – put just enough to cover any flaws effectively, but then blend the rest of the foundation onto your face in a way that keeps your overall foundation usage to a minimum.

Another problem that is very common is applying the foundation along the hairline. I’ve seen a number of people on the streets trying to apply their foundation so close to their hairline that they actual end up “coloring” their hair the color of the skin which obviously is not what you want. To avoid this, give yourself plenty of room before you start reaching any hairlines, and slowly but surely blend foundation using a smaller brush, as you get as close to the hairline as possible.

Foundation is not complicated in and of itself, but it is vital when it comes to perfecting your entire look. So follow these secrets outlined above and you can be sure that the makeup you apply to yourself is pure perfection, starting with a perfect foundation.