About Arabella

Arabella is a professional makeup artist, specializing in weddings and other special events that require having absolutely perfect makeup. With this blog, she hopes to share her passion and love of makeup with all of her readers, as well as help provide insight into living a healthy lifestyle by also discussing topics outside the scope of makeup. Being a strong and confident woman is about more than just makeup, but Arabella wholeheartedly believes that with well-applied makeup a woman can fully maximize her outer beauty, which can only help to bring out her inner beauty as well.

In her spare time, Arabella loves listening to classical music, along with Facetiming her family whenever she possibly can (especially her nieces Emma and Ellen). And she absolutely loves having a good burger and fries, especially when it is enjoyed in good company. She also thoroughly enjoys spending time at museums or attending concerts with her friends.

This blog is a reflection of Arabella’s beliefs and her beliefs only. For professional inquiries, please contact her directly, but please be advised that she typically only works with clients in the local Pittsburgh area where she resides (however some exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis).