Using Adult Toys to Realize Your Own Self-Worth

I used to be one of those old-school women, who back in the day only focused on finding a man who I would marry. It was part of the reason that I even bothered going to college in the first place. In fact, I still am looking for that “Mr. Right” to whisk me off my feet and give me that happily ever after that I’ve always wanted.

However, I am no longer actively “on the prowl” looking for a long-term boyfriend. I am no longer left feeling unfulfilled if I go long stretches of time without going on a date. In essence, I value myself as a person and realize my own self-worth. Now, this change of heart was a long time coming, but it wasn’t until I first started using adult toys that I fully realized this change.

In the past, I would not only rely on men for emotional satisfaction, but sexual satisfaction as well. In part because I thought that was the only way I could ever achieve it. Yes, I eventually realized that friends and family helped support me emotionally on a daily basis, but the sexual side of things was still problematic. Masturbating with my hands never did much for me, and so I was conditioned to believe that I needed men to fulfill me on that front, and thus my own self-worth was tied to being in a romantic and sexual relationship with a man.

However the world of adult toys, and vibrators in particular, really opened me up to the idea that I can be sexually happy without a man. Although masturbating “by hand” was lackluster at best, working instead with a vibrator brought me to never before seen climaxes. And more importantly, I was able to utilize a wide range of vibrators to achieve the kind of sexual satisfaction that far surpassed anything the majority of men could ever give me. And unlike being tied down to just one man at a time, using a variety of vibrators and other adult toys kept me “on my toes” so to speak, allowing me to experience a full and varied range of sexual experiences at my own discretion.

Sure being with a man and ultimately marrying him is still a “goal” of mine. But in the short-term, I do not need to rely on or pine for one for sexual gratification. And that fact is so empowering to me. I can be fully functional and happy without forcing myself into a relationship that may or may not be good for me in the long-run, which is something that I believe every woman should strive for, especially since we unfortunately still live in a largely male-dominated society.

If you’ve never used adult toys before to improve the sexual aspects of your life, I strongly encourage you to at the very least look into it, if not try them out for yourself. You do not need to define your life based on who you are currently dating, or even who you end up marrying for that matter, and utilizing adult toys is one surefire way to take back control and realize your own self-worth as a human being.