Tips for Wedding Day Makeup

Makeup is absolutely essential on your wedding day, regardless if you have a last minute pimple that you need to cover up, or if you are one of those lucky women who look absolutely gorgeous even without makeup. But even for the latter case, wearing makeup is essential simply because this is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life, and you as the bride want to fully look the part and be seen in an absolutely heavenly light, even years after the fact when you are old and grey (and hopefully still with your husband).

Although many brides opt for a professional makeup artist such as myself to ensure the perfect look on their big day, many also choose to opt for a close family or friend to take care of their makeup for them, primarily to save costs. However, this can be problematic if they do not know what they are doing, or simply don’t know the ins and outs of what it takes as far as wedding makeup is concerned. We all can acknowledge that your makeup on your wedding day is on an entirely different level than your makeup on any other typical day, so it is important to fully understand the implications of that.

First off, makeup on your wedding day should always ensure each and every flaw is eliminated from sight. Your wedding photographer is almost certainly going to be using a high-resolution camera which captures absolutely everything. Every flaw that is left exposed will not only be visible, but be quite obvious as well. Given that no bride wants to remember their wedding day as one in which they had a pimple, it is important that such flaws are fully covered up, no matter what it takes.

Once that fact is realized, the next thing to keep in mind is that your makeup should not be the “main event” so to speak. Even though makeup is a very important aspect to creating your entire “look”, it should be obvious that the main attraction will always be the wedding dress, and that nothing even comes close to it. So apply makeup in a way that beautifies the face, but without drawing too much attention away from the wedding dress itself. For example, eyeshadow and lipstick should be kept to a bare minimum, especially since you want the overall look to be one of purity, which can only be accomplished with makeup that is applied relatively conservatively.

When it comes to makeup on your wedding day, there are two clear elements to always consider. The first is to always conceal any and all flaws, no matter what they may be and no matter what it takes. The second is to let any other makeup that is applied be a backseat to the wedding dress, which is the true focus of any wedding ensemble. Even the most well-intentioned makeup application on your wedding day can end up being a significant detractor to your big day, so it is very important to always follow these two rules of thumb, no matter who it is that is applying the makeup.