Inclined Treadmills: My Secret Weapon for Staying Thin

Just as important as the makeup on your face is the body that your face sits upon. And although many people would prefer not to admit it, being beautiful does entail to some degree having a physically attractive body in terms of society’s standards. With this in mind, you may be wondering how I personally am able to maintain a satisfactory body that only complements how I apply my makeup (not to mention my inner beauty).

As far as physical exercise is concerned, there are many ways to approach it, but for me personally, I have found great success by using an inclined treadmill, which is basically a regular old treadmill, however with the ability to incline by pressing a button. The reason this works so well is because it really does work up a great sweat.

Most people just don’t realize how much more energy they have to expend when walking up some stairs or even a gentle incline. But if you’ve ever had to do precisely that for even just a few minutes at a time, you likely have been caught out of breath due to all that energy required to make it happen. Now just take that level of energy and increase it for an entire workout and you can see that even just walking on an inclined treadmill can be a tremendous workout, not to mention running on it.

Like all treadmills, you have a predefined treadmill speed that you can always use to control just how much energy you have to put in (in other words, you can’t just slack off if the treadmill is moving at a predetermined pace). And you also have two different “knobs” to change the intensity of your workout – the first being the speed of the treadmill itself, and the second being the level of incline that the treadmill sits upon while you are walking or running on it.

I know a lot of people balk at the idea of walking or running “in place” for long periods of time, but the reality is that there are a lot of different ways to keep yourself busy while working out. You can set yourself up in front of your television, or you can play music while working out to keep you in the mood. You can even read a book depending on how fast you are going on the treadmill.

There is no denying that having a great, thin body does require effort. However, some methods of exercise do certainly work better than others, and I am living proof that using just an inclined treadmill can do wonders for your overall physical fitness and thus your physical appearance. If you want to avoid overly complicated workout routines that you find online, and instead want to focus on something that works and will get you great results, you cannot go wrong with an inclined treadmill. I’ve seen the results for myself and I know that you can see them for yourself too if you put in the work!

My preferred company for inclined treadmills, for those who may be curious: